What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Small Design Studio?

  1. Clients pay for design and marketing rather than overhead.
  2. Your project is one of a handful and is thoughtfully conceptualized and produced.
  3. The principal of the firm works on your project. Click here to learn about Adrienne.
  4. When your project requires a specific skillset, such as copywriting or complex programming, the designer hires talent as needed.
  5. Under certain circumstances, you can contact the designer on a Saturday afternoon.
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Small Studio, Big Design

Located in Newtown, PA, Adrienne DiGiovine offers graphic design services including logo design, graphic identity, branding, website design, interactive design, promotions, marketing, and printing expertise. Through research and intuition, she creates beautiful and persuasive promotional materials that produce successful results. Adrienne helps shape the face of your service so it is compelling and appealing. So have a look at the projects presented here and get in touch if you would like to discuss your marketing and design needs.